Friday, November 30, 2007

The San Juan Islands Call

The old wooden doors swung open with a cobwebbed creak as my dear old friend pulled aside the rusty latch to let me in. He had taken me to Orcas Island on a weekend trip to help ease the burden of my mind and soul. Life had taken its toll as it so often does and I was reeling from pain and separation. This old building was an ancient chapel set aside for those in need of solitude and it had not been used in some time. Yet my friend had known of its whereabouts and had taken the time to bring me there for healing.

I spent the better part of that day sitting in the dim light that squeezed its way in through the broken knotholes and the spaces between the slats in the wooden walls. Though I was alone, I was not alone. There was so much more in that room than me and I began to be aware that the spirit of the island had come to sit with me, to hold my hand on its turf and to let me know that all would be well once again. When I finally did surface into the daylight, my friend was waiting for me outside, watching birds flying overhead and a beaver playing in a pond nearby. My gratitude overflowed my thanks and it was unnecessary.

The remainder of that weekend was spent exploring Orcas Island for the first time - climbing around Mt. Constitution, hiking to waterfalls, walking around Moran Park. I had an apt guide since my companion had spent much time on Orcas Island and knew many of the nooks and crannies that are so often passed by when one is in a hurry. And so I was introduced to the magic of the islands and it is a time I will never forget.

That was many years ago. Since that time I have referred many people to that island. I do not send them to the chapel since it is private yet I assure them that if they are in need of healing, if life has taken a turn for the momentary worse, there is a place of solace where they can go. There is a piece of the earth that will hold them close to her heart and fill them with the love of nature and the divine that is beyond words. Many folks, upon returning, have told me that they experienced a sense of security and peace that they have not known before; that the earth held them in a way previously unknown.

There is a subtle magic to the islands as they rear their heads above the water so close to the top of the globe. You can sense it on the ferry among passengers even if it is a return trip for them. It is a sense of coming to a special land, a place that truly allows us to access the beauty of our world; to turn away from the harsh day-to-day rush and place ourselves in the trustworthy arms of Mother Nature. Deer roam freely, seals play at the water's edge, ducks come and go, the birds fly overhead companioned by hawks and eagles and alpacas offer their tufted heads as though they had only recently come to our earth from a land far away.

Choosing an island to visit on a day trip can present a challenge if the visitor has limited time. It takes several days to really see the islands and to give into the temptation to bike ride, hike, picnic, lie in the grass and learn to breathe deeply once again. Each of the islands has a particular and very special offering depending upon one's leisure desires and needs. Reading up on the various facilities will help to acquaint vacationers with what is available yet I would counsel the use of your intuition. Listen to their names and let your heart guide you. It will not make any difference which island you choose. Magic will await you the moment your foot steps ashore. And, remember, you can always return and on the next trip choose another island to enchant you.

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich, Ph.D. is a visionary, weaver of grace, quantum physicist and multidimensional traveler. She is the owner of Sacred Spaces in the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State where she conducts personal sessions, retreats and etheric readings for all those drawn to the authentic Self. First and foremost, Toni challenges you to face the fears that are keeping you from living life. She is the author of The Call - Awakening the Angelic Human and its accompanying CD, DNA Re-Awakening. She does long distance healing, spiritual counseling, soul readings, light orb readings and chakra readings by appointment. For more information regarding Toni's work or to contact her by telephone or email, please see her websites: and

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