Thursday, November 01, 2007

Budapest Christmas - November 24th to December 29th, 2007 in Vorosmarty Square

By Zoran Ibrahimpasic

This year "Budapest Christmas" is being held for the ninth time, with events getting under way on Saturday 24th November, 2007.

The Christmas Market in Budapest is not only a tradition, but an event of high standard, which is very popular among Hungarians and by foreign visitors as well.

Budapest's official Christmas Market promises to again be an atmospheric special occasion for the people of Budapest and visitors from outside the city and from abroad in 2007, well worthy of the Christmas spirit. The market, which is the main out-of-season tourist event, is equally popular amongst Hungarian visitors and foreign tourists, who often travel to Budapest specifically to visit the Christmas raft Market. By keeping standards high and maintaining a wide and expanding variety of programs it can now be said that one of the largest events in Budapest in December has grown to become internationally well-known and respected. The location is very attractive, Vörösmarty Square lies in the heart of Budapest.

Traditional Hungarian craftsmen show their talents and sell their hand made products. Only the top Hungarian craftspeople are invited to Budapest's Christmas Market, so the intricate porcelain, cut glass and leather goods, for instance, are of the highest quality. All products are hand-made and the Hungarian Society of Folk Arts guarantees their quality.

The market also has a gastronomic side. Don't forget to taste traditional Hungarian food and cakes: strudel, grilled sasuges and meat, Christmas cookies, kürtös kalács (hollow, cylinder-shaped pastry with different coatings: sugar, walnut). If you get tired, have a cup of coffee with a delicious Hungarian cake in Gerbeaud Café.

As part of this year's series of Christmas programmes in Budapest, is it also planed to host the real Santa Claus from Finnland , who will be waiting with great interest for the children visiting the square, and personally listen to their wishes. An inseparable part of the Budapest Christmas' series of programmes is the Advent Calendar.

This spectacular fair is located in the heart of the city, in Vörösmarty Square and claims to be amongst the ten best Christmas markets in Europe. Indeed, many visitors make the trip to Budapest specifically to come to the Market.

The Budapest Christmas Fair is one of favourite events both for tourists and locals in winter. Come and visit the Budapest Christmas Fair if you want to buy something unique and original for your loved ones.

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