Monday, November 05, 2007

Cancun, Mexico Vacation

By Elena Piccini

What I recommend, if you desire to discover Mexico, is just to pack the few things you need (bathing suit, mask and sun cream, if you want your family too...) and head to the airport, book your flight to Cancun and enjoy a wonderful vacation under the Caribbean sun of Mexico!

Cancun, the tip of the Riviera Maya, is a tropical heaven with endless white-talc sandy beaches and lush forest...the second longest Coral Reef (Great Mayan Reef) of the World run along the Mayan Riviera, and for the keen of diving this is the ideal place... From Cancun, to Cozumel, to Tulum you will have wonderful underwater treasures to discover...

Beyond the white beaches , the palm trees, the crystalline emerald water of the Caribbean Sea and of the innumerable smiles of the Mexican people, Cancun has some of the most elegant and luxury hotels of the World!

The city of Cancun receives every year thousands of visitors from all over the World, and for this reason, numerous high quality hotels and resorts are growing up fast. Travel can suit every budget because there is a good mix of youth hostels and inexpensive hotels to stay, as well as luxurious beachfront resorts.

In Cancun you will find an abundance of possibilities- something for every age, vacation type, budget, and activity...

Almost guaranteed sunshine beckons travelers to Cancun beaches, where water sports abound, romance flourishes and the party never ends.

With some of the best golf, snorkeling and scuba diving in the world, Cancun's worthy of its reputation as a world-class sports wonderland.

In fact, Cancun definitely lives up to its "name" as a water sports capital. Here you can scuba dive, snorkel, windsurf, parasail, kayak, water ski, jet ski, fish, swim with the dolphins or just enjoy the beach.

On vacation, one can play on magnificent golf courses and choose from huge Golf resorts, premier spots to test your skills and improve your game.

If you want to bring back to your house something more than a sombrero and a bottle of Tequila that testify your travel to Mexico, we suggest some great experience to do.
Don' t just limit yourself to see the usual faces in the sauna, swimming pool or in the beach of the hotel:

If you want to get yourself involved , from the local people, in their "fiestas mexicanas"...
...if you wish to get your mind lost in the charming beaches or wild jungle and untouched nature...
... if your desire is to discover and live the magical atmosphere of mysterious archaeological sites..........You are in the right place!

Mexico is a mosaic of cultures to discover, fascinating landscapes, and the cradle of traditions conserved through the centuries.

Cancun can be the starting point for your cultural vacation to Mexico! Archaeological sites as Chichen Itza, CobĂ , Ek Balam, Uxmal, Tulum are not too far.

A day trip or a few days tour will be the best for discovering the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. Immersed in the jungle, ancient civilization left their stories in the walls of those wonders...

Also, intimate retreats for your honeymoon vacations!

Romantic Sunset Tours will help couples to create fantastic memories of your Honeymoon vacation!
In the hotels , the ocean front suites are made especially for those people looking for something very special, well, the colors and the atmosphere of the Caribbean Sea helps a lot, but the high quality services are very satisfying too..

The Riviera Maya, and especially Cancun, is a marvellous oasis where you can find peace of mind...There are a lot of Spa resorts and hotels with Spas, and they will take care of you and your soul... take a step back and indulge yourself in a truly rejuvenating break at wonderful Cancun spa resorts. Let yourself enjoy a rare chance to have someone else look after you, where indulgence is the key word, you'll emerge feeling recharged and invigorated.

Whether the sun is rising or night is falling, the opportunities for fun are endless.

Cancun is also a favorite Mexico tourist destination for spring breakers because has everything that a Spring Breaker could dream! Cancun really comes to life after the sun goes down, sporting some of the hottest discos in the world. With incredible light shows, theme parties, and music that doesn't stop until sunrise, Cancun has it all.

Immerse yourself in the exotic Mexican Caribbean while staying in exclusive resorts. Explore intriguing ancient Mayan sites, enticing white sand beaches and a variety of lively and leisurely pastimes.

Are you thinking that I'm exaggerating a beat? You're wrong... everything it's true..

I could keep going to talk and talk and talk about the thousand of things to do and experience in a Cancun vacation, but ...sorry... time is up... and your flight to Cancun is living now!! Hurry up!

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