Thursday, March 20, 2008

Prague - From the Past to Nowadays

Prague seldom visited by tourists until the 1989 is now one of the most popular visited destinations in Europe. Millions of people from all around the world visit the city every year - almost three and a half million in 2004, according to official figures just released by Czech Tourism. Prague was the sixth most visited city in Europe last year, with the greatest number of tourists coming from the United Kingdom.

The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is situated in the very heart of Europe, on a place that has been an intersection of continental merchant routes since time immemorial. It was the seat of Czech princes and kings from the tenth century A.D. In the mid-14th century, Prague was the centre of the Holy Roman Empire and Europe's third largest city in terms of population. As part of the Hapsburg monarchy, Prague remained the capital of Czech lands, which became the strongest part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in terms of economy during the 19th century. Prague was developing as an important centre where Czech, German and Jewish cultures met and mingled. Following the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918, Prague became the metropolis of the new country. It experienced a growth of its territory and a great building boom. Currently, Prague is a large city of more than one million people, spreading over almost 500 square kilometers. Following the social and economic changes in 1989, Prague enhanced its historically strong ties with other cities in Central Europe, and has gradually been gaining a continuously improving position within the continental structure of big cities. Prague therefore deserves its recognition as being a high quality city.

Because of such a big amount of tourists visiting Prague, the range of hotels in Prague is provided for all budgets from comfortable, low-cost hostels, to the most luxurious hotels in Prague. You can find fast efficient services and the largest choice of accommodation in exciting Czech Capital - Prague. Professional expertise is an absolute must when visiting the beautiful City of Prague - and elsewhere in the Czech Republic. Good translation of your personal requirements in Prague hotels is paramount for a successful and enjoyable stay.

Walking in Prague you will be impressed by a unique complex of old buildings dominated by the world-famous Old Town Hall with its Astronomical Clock and apostles, the monument to the preacher Jan Hus, the church of St. Nicholas, the Týn Church, and a number of palaces. You are in the very "historic heart" of the town.

Through one of the typical narrow Old-Town streets, full of ancient houses and palaces, cafés, shops, and galleries, we will walk towards the Charles Bridge, which was established in 1357 by the Roman emperor and Czech king Charles IV at the place of an older bridge. Here you will enjoy the unforgettable view at the beautiful panorama of the Prague Castle and the St. Vitus Cathedral. Relishing the walk along the bridge, crossing the Vltava river, you will reach the Lesser Town, situated below the Prague Castle complex. We will pass the Lesser Town Square with its representative buildings and the church of St. Nicholas, a historical building from the 18th century. Then we will walk up the famous Nerudova street all the way to the Prague Castle. At the Castle, which is surrounded by royal gardens, you will find the Old Royal Place with the Vladislav Hall, the with picturesque houses from the 16th century, the St. Vitus Cathedral from the 14th century, and the ancient royal stairway.

By Angelina Adams

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How To Get A Passport In 7 Easy Steps (USA)

Passports are internationally recognized documents which authorize and identify you for travel abroad. A passport is a must have travel document absolutely crucial for entering and returning to the US from most countries. Learn how to obtain your US passport quickly and easily.
  1. The first thing you need to do is get your hands on the government forms you'll need for a US passport. You can get a hold of these forms for free at your local US post office or you can download them at the US Department of State's website.
  2. Second, just follow the instructions on pages one and two of this form. If you downloaded this form, (recommended) just print and complete page 3 and be sure to read page 4. Make sure when you print the forms that you print in black ink on white paper and that you use standard 8 ½ by 11 inch paper with no holes or perforations.
  3. Now you need some proof that you're a US citizen. Any of the following would work according to the US Department of State:
    • Certified US birth certificate issued by the city, county or state (you will need to get an official version with a notary's seal.)
    • Records of birth abroad
    • Naturalization certificate
    • Certificate of citizenship

  4. Get photographed. You will need to have two photos taken. Word to the wise, wear your normal, everyday clothes. Don't wear uniforms or anything on your head. You can get these photos taken at any local post office or even convenient stores.
  5. If you have your Social Security number memorized, great, otherwise you'll want to write it down and add it to the passport application materials you have put together. You are going to need this during the application process.
  6. Gather the money you will need to pay for the US passport application and execution fees. These figures change on occasion, so check the amounts online for updates.
  7. Get your passport! Find the passport office nearest you and provide them with your departure date. You can expect to receive your passport in about two weeks to two months. For an additional fee of around $60 bucks you can rush through this process and potentially receive your passport on the same day you apply.

By Aaron Leonard

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Holidays - A Guide to Tokyo

When deciding where to go for your holiday this year why not consider Tokyo, it is Japan's largest city and one of the busiest in the world and with its stylish shops, boutiques and use of highly modern technology you will never be lost for things to do.

Shopping in Tokyo is an experience, the numerous department stalls, the malls and of course the trendy and exclusive boutiques that Harajuku is famous for, all mean that if you enjoy shopping, Tokyo is definitely the place for you. As well as the upper market shops, you can also find very reasonably priced stores, such as the 100 Yen shops which are equivalent to our £1 shops, this could allow you to have the cheap holidays that you were after because Tokyo is an expensive place to visit, however, there are ways that can help you get around it. Tokyo is also the place to go if its electrical goods that you are interested in. Akihabara in Tokyo is a haven for anything electrical, here you can find anything from computers to air conditioners and if you are one of the many that has gotten caught up in i-pod craze then the area of Ginza would be the place to go as it has an Apple shop amongst its art galleries.

Tokyo is a place with a lot of culture and it therefore has many museums. As well as museums, shrines and temples are also common in Tokyo and are well worth a visit for their spectacular beauty. The Meiji Jingu Shrine and the Sensoji Temple are a few of the magnificent religious buildings around Tokyo that are on offer for you to visit if you were to choose Tokyo for your holidays this year.

Incredible restaurants are on offer all around Tokyo and you won't have to travel far in order to find high quality cuisine and world class drinks. Of course when travelling to Tokyo, you have to try the sushi, which is very popular and therefore widely available.

To round off the day, you could taste the very entertaining night life on offer. The night club; Velfarre offers a very exciting and appealing evening, as here you will be treated to some stylish and elegant fashion shows and be entertained by live performances from Japanese singers. The blend of light and music, create the ideal ambiance for dance and party, this is perhaps why Velfarre also hosts a Cyber Trance show.

If none of the above excites you then there are plenty of other activities to keep you entertained. If you are a fan of the more relaxing holidays then why not visit the Asakusa Kannon Onsen where you can relax whilst being pampered and enjoy rejuvenating massages. During your time in Tokyo, why not try your hand at some traditional Japanese martial arts and visit the Aikido World Foundation. If you'd prefer a less exerting activity, then there are interesting tea ceremonies held at Seisei-an and Chosho-an.

By Gill Critchley

Monday, March 03, 2008

Researching the World with the Pleasure of Ecotourism

You will find that there are a lot of people who have recently because in rage with ecotourism and the concept of vacationing, but also being able to mix fun with social awareness. You will find that there are a lot of celebrities who will travel with eco-tourism in mind. You will also find that when it comes to having fun, you will be able to have plenty of fun when you know that you are taking care of the area, but enjoying the natural beauty. This was something close to mind when we recently stayed in a Benidorm hotel. Keep in mind that that a lot of people who are still unclear of what ecotourism is and that there happens to be some confusion.

You will find that it is very important to be caution about the world, however you will also find that it really depends on how well you perform and what the object of your care is. There are many significant perks to eco-tourism, but there are also a lot of misconceptions that have brought a negative cloud over eco-tourism. Before you go ahead and make your choice on where you stand, then you will want to make sure that you think about the agenda of being an eco-tourist, but you will also be able to make a good judgment on rather or not ecotourism is right for you.

When it comes to the research for eco-tourist, you will find that there are many purposes of the concept for eco-tourism, but you will be able to learn about how precious the natural world is and how difficult it is to preserve it. When it comes to the concept of eco-tourism you will be able to pinpoint some of the things that will benefit you, the community, and the future generations of tourists. You will also find that when it comes to the subject of eco-tourism that it is something that you can do for yourself. You don't have to keep everyone else in mind; however, you will find that there are people who like to do good needs in hopes of feeling good about ones self. There is a lot of ways that you will be able to see the benefits and the community will appreciate it as well.

Eco-tourism is a way for you to travel without hurting the world, however, when you research the concept of eco-tourism, you will find that you may end up hearing how hurtful it can be for the earth. There are cons to everything, but there is more damage to be done if everything is just ignored.

By Ken C. Morris

Make Reservations for Learning While Traveling

If you are thinking about being up the topic of ecotourism, you will need to explain yourself a little bit because there aren't a lot of people who realize exactly what it is. You will find that this is a hard subject to talk about because everyone has their own opinion about the goodness of the community and of the world. You will need to make sure that you talk to others and teach others to be more open minded about the world and about the possibilities that eco-tourism could bring to their people. You will want to present your arguments in forms of points. You need to start some of the pros and some of the cons so that others realize the magnitude and power of the eco-tourism. This is true when thinking of fishing in Alaska or hiring a car in Alicante, Spain.

For those who are thinking about presenting some of the facts on ecotourism, you may wan to think about describing the power of eco-tourism. It really can make or break an community, but you will also need to state that it is truly the local people who make eco-tourism to work. You will want to make sure that they all understand that it is not about entertainment or feeling good about yourself (even though there are some personal side effects), you will need to tell them that it is a proper way to deal with the common economical and ecological issues that tend to arise.

Keep in mind that there are going to be a lot of people who look at you like they are puzzled or confused, however, you will need to take you time to discuss and teach others about this topic, however, you will also find that it is very important that you learn how to get your audience's attention and maintain it. To teach others you will need to find out the things that bother than and learn how to work through the issues.

You will need to make sure that you stress how serious eco-tourism is. You will need to make sure that you get them to understand both the pros and cons to eco-tourism. There are some bad side effects and you need to get them to understand how you end up with negativity. This way you can get others to believe in the cause without hiding any information from them.

Above all you need to avoid preaching. You need to tell others about the concept, but you can't make the decision for them. This is something that people need to be willing to give participation with.

By Ken C. Morris