Monday, December 31, 2007

Skiing In France

France has some of the best Ski resorts in the world and for all levels of Skiers, they also boost some fantastict Snowboard parks. If you like the idea of staying in a Chalet, you will find a beautiful selection to choose from.

Alpe D'Huez - which is a high altitude resort with good snow all season long. Is good for skiers of all levels and a great place for Snowboarders. It will also suit those with families. It's Apre Ski is also good.

Les Arcs - Is known as the centre of the action, its the biggest and liveliest of Les Arcs skiing areas and the most popular. Again great for Skiers of all levels and Snowboarders. Apre Ski consists of lively bars and restaurants.

Avoriaz - High altitude resort boasting great snow record all season long. Good for Skiers & Snowboarders of all levels. Families will find plenty to do here. The Apre Ski has something for everyone too.

Chamonix - Known as the "Skiing capital of the world." Again good snow all season and can start from mid December to early May.
Offers fantastic Apre Ski.

Les Menuires - Forms part of the three valleys region. Good for beginners and intermediates with challenging off piste skiing in the region for the more advanced and has a good snow park with half a pipe for the snowboarders. Apre Ski - is the smallest of the three valley resorts but has plenty of restaurants and bars, etc.

Meribel - Situated in the centre of the Three Valleys - its the largest snow sports area in the world. Good for Skiers of all levels with 2 excellent snow parks for snowboarders.
Has good Apre Ski.

Tignes - Forms part of the Espace Killy and consists of five different areas because of its high altitude, which gives good snow all season long. Tignes is more for the Intermediate and Advanced Skiers, but there are some nursery slopes in the three main villages for beginners.
There is a snow park with a half pipe for snowboarders.
Offers good Apre Ski.

Val D'Isere - Forms part of the Espace Killy and is situated next door to Tignes and because of its altitude has good snow from Nov - May. It is a very Chic resort and the longest established.
It is more suited to the Intermediate and advanced skiers with two great snowparks for Snowboarders.
Val D'Isere has a very lively Apre Ski.

Val Thorens - Situated South of the Three Valleys making it Europe's highest Ski resort-it offers the best skiing in the world. It caters for all levels of skiing from beginners to the advanced and has 1 park for the Snowboarders too. Provides good Apre Ski.

Courcheval - Forms part of the Three Valleys and is renown as the worlds best Ski resort. It offers Skiers slopes for all levels with lots of Ski Schools and for Snowboarders which have 1 Snowpark available. Offers great Apre Ski.

Plagne - Made up of 4 village resorts and 7 high altitude resorts. Has something to offer everyone. Plenty of Apre Ski too.

Serre Chevalier - Set up high in the Alps with amazing views. Consists of pretty mountain villages. Good for Skiers of all levels. Known to be the largest ski area in France and top destination for Snowboarders.

Each of the above resorts have beautiful Chalets that can accommodate a small family to large parties, if thats the type of accommodation you prefer, if not you will find hotels, apartments etc.

By R Grieco

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mumbai - An ideal tourist destination in India

Located in Western India, Mumbai or Bombay has transformed from a swampy marsh to one of the biggest metropolitan of India after it was leased out to East India Company which invited people to settle down there and slowly and steadily it saw people from all walks of life making it their home.

Believe me you will never feel bored in this capital of Maharashtra that is always full of life and has lot to offer for everybody in all senses. In case you happen to be in Mumbai don’t miss out on a visit to Gateway of India that was built in honor of visit of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911.

From Gateway of India you can go the Elephanta Island which is a UNESCO world heritage site and get to see some of the magnificent rock cut temples and caves dating back to the sixth century. Other place of interest that you can visit in Bombay is Kanheri Caves in Borivili that is famous for its rock carvings, Portuguese Forts in Bassein and Muslim Forts in Bassein.

If in Mumbai you cannot miss the authentic Bombay food that comprises of Bhelpuri, Vada Pav, Dhabeli, Panipuri and Masala Papad. Also if you want to see the real Mumbai then you definitely need to travel on its local trains that is the lifeline of the city and its two floor double decker buses that would leave you spellbound.

Another thing that makes Mumbai famous is its film industry churning out hundreds of films every year making it famous world over. Some of its popular markets where you can go shopping is Crawford Market, AC Market and Jhaveri Bazar and find lots of items of your liking. Another popular spot in Mumbai is Marine Drive, also nicknamed as Queen’s Necklace where you can take a relaxing stroll during the evenings. If glamour is what you are looking for then you definitely need to head to Mumbai to see it!!

by Gautam Chhabra

Monday, December 17, 2007

5 Best Island Resorts

When you think about a rest on an island, you probably think about some warm paradise with palm trees. But the National Geographic has another opinion - the experts of this magazine have rated 111 islands and the top 5 of those are actually not the most popular directions.

Farrell Islands (Denmark)

The top score is taken by the Farrell Islands - officially a part of Denmark. This archipelago represents an autonomy with their own traditions and lifestyle. The National Geographic experts have appreciated the untouched beauty of the islands and their efforts to remain this way. The cold climate and distance from the major touristic routes helps them a lot in this policy.

Azores Islands (Portugal)

The Azores are located in 1600 kilometers to the West from the continental Portugal. They are famous for their green volcanic mountains and beautiful towns. The second place in this rating was provided by the perfect ecology and rich culture of these places. According to the experts, the uncertain climate protects the ecosystem from the invasion of huge amounts of tourists.

The third place has been occupied by three directions simultaneously:

Lofoten Islands (Norway)

The Lofoten Islands group in the Norwegian Sea became one of the "bronze" leaders of this rating. The cultural heritage and ecology care - these were again the major aspects that led to this decision. Besides were also other factors named, such as beautiful sea, coastal rocks and picturesque houses. Just like the other islands in the top list - there are not so many tourists there.

Shetland Islands (Great Britain)

These islands are edged with scenic cliffs and wonderful beaches and the local birds population represent a huge point of interest for the ornithologists and simply bird lovers. The islands are located in only 210 kilometers from Scotland and in spite of the presence of the oil towers, are ecologically clean. This district is not really pure British - the places remind about Scandinavia here.

Chiloe (Chili)

The Chiloe archipelago is famous for its clean beaches that became one of the reasons to place Chiloe at the third position. The experts have notices also the protection measures of the forests, historical towns and wooden churches on these islands.

By Iuri Tarabanov

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kenya - The Man Eaters Of Tsavo Still Live On

One of the most distinct characteristics of the African lion is its mane. The thick hair that grows around the head of the male lions, is a unique identity of its presence and signifies the state of health, age and sends a clear message to rivals about who is in charge. It is thick and has black hair for the lions that are in their prime. The mane is truly the crown of the king of the jungle.

Yet there exists a rare breed of lions that have males that do not have a mane. These lions are so rare that minimal studies have been undertaken to know about them. They are said to have an appetite for human flesh. The photographs of the fallen two man eaters of Tsavo taken by col J.H. Patterson after shooting them is probably the best memory of what the lions look like. There is every possibility that that breed still exists, with the appetite for human flesh very much maintained.

In Nakuru National park, there is a framed photogaph of Judy, a game warden who fell victim to a man eater from Tsavo. Tsavo National park is the biggest park in Kenya. It is not fenced and animals can roam freely for thousands of kilometres with minimal human interference. A couple of years ago, Kenya Wildlife Services captured what was reported as a troublesome lion and sent it to Nakuru National park for rehabilitation. It happened that the animal was a maneless male.

With abundance of grazing game, and with other several prides of lions in the park, the lion should be okay. Nothing could have been further from the truth. After only a couple of days, the lion struck to show its true kind. Judy was on duty at the main gate that evening. Around 7.00 p.m. she decided to go back to the camp for a sweater. She informed her colleagues accordingly and set out to the camp. The camp is only about one hundred metres from the gate.

Without her knowledge, Judy had company. She had her riffle at hand and was able to go all the way to the camp. At the camp, neighbours heard someone shout once. They listened for a second cry but it was not forthcoming. Looking outside, someone saw an outline of some animal.
But consequent searches bore no fruit. When they found the riffle, her alarmed colleagues checked with the armoury, to find that it belonged to Judy who was on duty at the gate only a couple of minutes before. The alarm was sounded and a massive search was undertaken.

They suspected a big cat, possibly a leopard or lion, but they were confused because both animals have been in this park for years and such a thing has never been experienced. After a four hour intensive search, one driver noticed a reflection in some bushes and circled the area again. He confirmed that indeed the pair of eyes were those of the killer animal. the bushes were sprayed with bullets and the beast killed. The body of Judy, lay there, with the neck broken but largely untouched. The man eaters of Tsavo had returned to haunt mankind.

One characteristic that was observed with those lions during the construction of the railway, was the dragging of their catch to the caves. They are expert killers, snatching individuals from camps without the any hint from neighbours, with the only confirmation coming during the morning roll call.Unexplained cases of drivers and loaders on the main Mombasa Nairobi highway disappearing while attempting to change spare wheels have been reported.

With the vastness of the Tsavo, we probably have man eaters that live entirely on human flesh, getting their prey from poachers who cant keep their fingers off the park, but whose families cant report to the authorities for fear of retribution. Whether the man eaters of Tsavo will come back in big numbers and spread to other areas in Kenya, brings forth a chilling thought considering their excellence in execution of the hunt.

James G. Kamweru is a tour operator and has been organizing and reporting on Vacation, Travel and Tours for years. For More Information Visit his site at []Kenya. Article Source: