Friday, November 30, 2007

The San Juan Islands Call

The old wooden doors swung open with a cobwebbed creak as my dear old friend pulled aside the rusty latch to let me in. He had taken me to Orcas Island on a weekend trip to help ease the burden of my mind and soul. Life had taken its toll as it so often does and I was reeling from pain and separation. This old building was an ancient chapel set aside for those in need of solitude and it had not been used in some time. Yet my friend had known of its whereabouts and had taken the time to bring me there for healing.

I spent the better part of that day sitting in the dim light that squeezed its way in through the broken knotholes and the spaces between the slats in the wooden walls. Though I was alone, I was not alone. There was so much more in that room than me and I began to be aware that the spirit of the island had come to sit with me, to hold my hand on its turf and to let me know that all would be well once again. When I finally did surface into the daylight, my friend was waiting for me outside, watching birds flying overhead and a beaver playing in a pond nearby. My gratitude overflowed my thanks and it was unnecessary.

The remainder of that weekend was spent exploring Orcas Island for the first time - climbing around Mt. Constitution, hiking to waterfalls, walking around Moran Park. I had an apt guide since my companion had spent much time on Orcas Island and knew many of the nooks and crannies that are so often passed by when one is in a hurry. And so I was introduced to the magic of the islands and it is a time I will never forget.

That was many years ago. Since that time I have referred many people to that island. I do not send them to the chapel since it is private yet I assure them that if they are in need of healing, if life has taken a turn for the momentary worse, there is a place of solace where they can go. There is a piece of the earth that will hold them close to her heart and fill them with the love of nature and the divine that is beyond words. Many folks, upon returning, have told me that they experienced a sense of security and peace that they have not known before; that the earth held them in a way previously unknown.

There is a subtle magic to the islands as they rear their heads above the water so close to the top of the globe. You can sense it on the ferry among passengers even if it is a return trip for them. It is a sense of coming to a special land, a place that truly allows us to access the beauty of our world; to turn away from the harsh day-to-day rush and place ourselves in the trustworthy arms of Mother Nature. Deer roam freely, seals play at the water's edge, ducks come and go, the birds fly overhead companioned by hawks and eagles and alpacas offer their tufted heads as though they had only recently come to our earth from a land far away.

Choosing an island to visit on a day trip can present a challenge if the visitor has limited time. It takes several days to really see the islands and to give into the temptation to bike ride, hike, picnic, lie in the grass and learn to breathe deeply once again. Each of the islands has a particular and very special offering depending upon one's leisure desires and needs. Reading up on the various facilities will help to acquaint vacationers with what is available yet I would counsel the use of your intuition. Listen to their names and let your heart guide you. It will not make any difference which island you choose. Magic will await you the moment your foot steps ashore. And, remember, you can always return and on the next trip choose another island to enchant you.

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich, Ph.D. is a visionary, weaver of grace, quantum physicist and multidimensional traveler. She is the owner of Sacred Spaces in the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State where she conducts personal sessions, retreats and etheric readings for all those drawn to the authentic Self. First and foremost, Toni challenges you to face the fears that are keeping you from living life. She is the author of The Call - Awakening the Angelic Human and its accompanying CD, DNA Re-Awakening. She does long distance healing, spiritual counseling, soul readings, light orb readings and chakra readings by appointment. For more information regarding Toni's work or to contact her by telephone or email, please see her websites: and

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Monday, November 26, 2007


The real Machu Pichu trails include many other considerations that the general Inca trail tours will not consider. It is vital on your tour to be aware of the background and history of the Incas, and who they were as native South American People. In addition, their language and customs should be understood before embarking on the Inca trail tours. In order to add to your experience and the magnificent beauty of the reign of the Incas. Below are some facts that will ensure that the tour you take is successful and most interesting.

First let’s start with the height of rule when the Inca Empire was among the largest and richest empires in the Americas. The way in which they lived was primitive but well ahead of the times they were in. In most of their daily interactions that are recorded they created, traded, and developed stone, pottery, gold & silver items and many tapestries for their people. The fascinating way in which they were able to keep control of the people in the area of such a large empire. In the beginning they had many tribes each with hundreds of different languages and traditions. They controlled by using developments in architecture, military, and engineering methods that helped to maintain their power & control.

When you visit the great pinnacle of the Incan empire at Machu Pichu, you must stay at one the Machu Pichu hotels that are included in the Inca trail tours. If the view from the top of the stones roads doesn’t impress you the way in which the Incas built their stone roads and bridges joined their intertwined city. Each tribe and conquered community of the Incas were forced to read and comprehend their language, so eventually they all could be of the same language. This extensive planning and preparation for greatness will only add to the adventurous journey that you will have on the Inca trail tours.

In addition to the means of communication they also were prepared for the needed transportation conveniences. Their armies and countrymen were often journeying for miles through the countryside . They were not able to use horses until the 16th century, so they would have to be provided with a means to rest and recharge along the long journey. Thus there were inns along the trails for their animals to rest and feed. They were crossing rope bridges over the Andes and would carry food & military supplies to many cities or towns along the way. The capital of Inca is Cuzco, and all trails would meet in the center of this great city.

The final destination in the Inca trail tours would be the Amazonian rainforests that make the adventure like a magical entrance into the minds and lives of the Inca. The oldest pass is called the Capac Nan Trail and it leads to the village of Ollantaytambo, the “lost city of the Incas”. The ruins are well preserved there because it was hidden by the jungle for many years, until 1911, a historian and explorer named Hiram.

by Thomas H. Lindblom

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our tips will help get the most joy out of your vacation

It'll be always fun to get away, after those grinding work schedules, and a vacation with or without family is a helluva time to relax and rejuvenate. However, just packing your knapsacks and heading to any destination is not the right approach towards a meaningful vacation. Choose a location that abounds in a variety of sorts, and book the right vacation rentals that provide you a pleasant unwinding. The abundance of outdoor recreational activities, top-of-the-line shopping, entertainment, and dining, mouthwatering array of cuisine, and the ambiance and exquisiteness of the area are factors that are more than enough to seduce visitors to a destination.

Taking advantage of the current low cost of air travel, no destination in the world can be said inaccessible to visitors. Most visitors, in a destination, love to get engrossed in an abundance of recreational activities, escapades, and adventures. So, relax and have some fun in any of the rentals in the area you have chosen to spend your holidays. Remember to book your vacation condo rentals in advance, and make the most of your vacation in the beaches, trails, rivers, or just anywhere in the area. After a full day of hectic activities, relax to your heart's content in the plush amenities of your vacation rentals.

When you plan your vacation, try to stay away from hotels, because vacation home rentals find more favor among visitors for the ambiance, amenities, and hospitality it provide. Experience a unique and more personal vacation experience in your vacation condo home rentals. If you love cooking, buy your own groceries and cook them in the rentals' kitchen.

To have a whale of a time, plan ahead of time, and conduct thorough research on the destination and vacation rentals you are planning to choose. Look into budget travel options before finalizing a family vacation, because budget travel deals are always less than retail travel prices. You can also try setting up a travel budget and save money for a family vacation.

You need to book your air tickets early if you are planning to fly to a destination. Also, check with your vacation rentals owners and confirm if accommodation is available during the time of your visit, because by doing so, the last minute rush can be well avoided. But don't think flying to a distant location only can make a perfect vacation, because a vacation can be most perfect in your home town itself! Prior to deciding to vacation in your own town, check out more about the attractions there and plan accordingly.

A well planned vacation in a location with year-round placid seasons and unmatched ocean access, to rock and roll in fun and sun will help you get over all the blues in your life. Plunge into the attractions, events and activities offered, and revel in the profuse flora and fauna, yummy feasting, and amusing nightlife; no matter where you are for your vacation.

by Frank

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What you must to see in Tokyo

Situated in the Kanto region on the mid-eastern part of the Honshu Island, Tokyo is the capital and the largest city in Japan. Tokyo, literally meaning 'Eastern Capital,' is also one of the 47 prefectures in the country. However, it is much popular as a metropolis rather than a prefecture. The largest of its kind in the world, Tokyo's metropolis is made up of: 26 cities, 23 city wards, eight villages, and five towns.

Once a typical village known as Edo - the city became the political center of the country when Tokugawa Ieyasu, one of the most powerful rulers, established his feudal government here during the 16th century. But, Tokyo got its present name when the emperor Meiji shifted his capital from Kyoto to Edo. A city of contrasts, Tokyo has now become one of the most popular destinations in the world, brimming with world-class attractions.

Tokyo has to its credit such a great number of attractions that it takes months to explore them all. One of the most popular among the city's attractions is Imperial Palace, which is still the residence of the emperor of Japan. The palace is built on a huge amazing site, where still the remains of Edo Castle can be seen. Another worth-visiting attraction here is Diet Parliament, which was opened in 1936. Equally worth mentioning is Kabuki-za Theatre, which is perhaps the most popular in the country. Opened its door in 1889, the theatre conducts daily performances.

No visit to Tokyo would be complete without taking a tour to Akihabara, also known as Akihabara Electric Town or Akiba. This area boasts of an enormous collection of electronic shops. Also, a great attraction in the city is Tokyo Tower, a soaring structure that takes after the Eiffel Tower in Paris. A marine aquarium can also be seen here. Additionally, Tokyo is home to Tsukiji Central Wholesale Market, one of the largest fish market in the world.

Other not to miss destinations in Tokyo are Shinjuku, a business area of the city with one of the biggest amusement squares in the country; Asakusa, with attractions such as Sensoji Temple and the Kaminarimon gate; Roppongi, a trendy area regarded as the international area of the city; and Odaiba, a highly developed waterfront as well as island area in Tokyo bay.

Above all, while your stay in the city, don't miss Tokyo Disneyland, an amusement park with highlights such as Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour, Fantillusion, Western River Railroad, The Mickey Mouse Review, and Meet the World.

Shrines and Temples - Each of the temples in the city is truly a sight to see. Most popular among the shrines in the area is Sensoji Temple, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple. Located in Asakusa, the temple is a Buddhist shrine, with features such as the Kaminarimon or thunder gate and a five-storied pagoda. Nakamise, a shopping street with a history of several centuries, leads to the second gate of the temple, Hozomon.

Meiji Shrine, dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife Shoken, is another popular temple in the city. Completed in 1920 and rebuilt after the Second World War, Meiji Shrine is home to various festivals and events.

A visit to such shrines as Sengakuji Temple, where 47 Ronin are buried; Yasukini Shrine, which commemorate Japan's war dead; and Zojoji Temple - the main shrine of Buddhist Jado sect would be a great experience.

Museums - Tokyo has a great number of museums, which among many others, are the Tokyo National Museum - the oldest as well as the largest in the country; Mitsuo Aida Museum, with a rare collection of artifacts; Edo Tokyo Museum, where on display are artifacts related to the city's history and culture; O Art Museum, a multi-purpose art museum; Mori Art Museum, showcasing contemporary Japanese art; Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum; Nezu Institute of Fine Art; the Bunkamura Museum of Fine Art; Science Museum of Tokyo, and Sompo Japan Museum of Art, housing works of Seiji Togo, a well-known Japanese artist.

Parks and Gardens - For nature lovers, Tokyo has an astounding array of parks and gardens. Some of the most popular among them are:
  • Rikugien, a beautiful landscape garden designed in Japanese style
  • Hama Rikyu, one of the most attractive gardens in the area, which once served as the garden of a feudal lord's residence during the Edo period
  • Kyu Shiba Rikyu Onshi Teien, which is developed on the site which was earlier the residence of several feudal lords as well as government officials
  • East Gardens, an amazing garden located within the compounds of the Imperial Palace
  • Ueno Park, one of the largest public parks in the country, is home to many museums, such as the Tokyo National Museum and the National Museum for Western Art
  • Yoyogi Koen, a unique park designed in western style
Tokyo has some of the best shopping areas in the form of Ginza district, located in the heart of the city. Many stores designer items, jewelry, and apparels can be seen here. Among the largest department stores in the area are Hankyu, Seibu, Printemps, Matsuya, Wako and Mikimoto.

Author: Wolfgang Jaegel

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brithish Most Haunted Places

By Iuri Tarabanov

1. The "Highgate" cemetery, London. In the late sixties of the last century there were hearings that visitors of this cemetery were terrorized by a tall dark figure with hypnotic red eyes.

2. The house of the parish priest in Borley, the Essex County. It is considered, that in this house lived various vampires, the most well-known of which was the slaughtered conventual. In 1944 the house was taken down, but yet the number of the people wishing to look at that place where it stood earlier, did not become smaller.

3. The Penndel-hill hill, the Lancashire County. In 1612 in the castle of Lancaster had been executed ten so-called "witches of the Penndel" who, as they say, are haunting till now the inhabitants of the village of Njuchyorch. One of them was buried right on the Penndel-hill hill.

4. The «Red lion" pub in Avebury, the Wiltshire County. In the «Red lion" children-phantoms, light circles, strange shades and abnormal cold areas had been noticed in the "the Red lion".

5.The "Ancient ram" hotel, the city of Voottin-under-Edge, the Gloucestershire county .They say that in this 12th century's building constructed on a pagan cemetery, murders, acts of a Satanism and sacrifice of children took place.

6. The Glemis Castle, the city of Angus, Scotland. According to hearings, the residence of the Stretmorsky count and countess is full of secret rooms. Among the phantoms of this building it is possible to point out a woman without tongue, running in the garden, and the mysterious Grey Lady.

7. The London Tower. The most well-known ghosts of this building became the princes in the tower, killed by their uncle Richard III. Also the illusive shifts are made by Lady Jane Grey, Anna Bolejn and the White Lady.

8. The Culloden Bogs , in the neighborhood of Inverness. In 1746 in a battle between Scots and Englishmen the first had lost their chances on independence.

9. The Private residence Llancaiach Fawr Manor near to Caerfilli, the Wales. In this private residence continuous mutter of unbodied voices is heard, and visitors frequently burst into tears in one of the rooms.

10. The castle of Berry Pmroy, the Devon County. There, according to hearings, the Dark blue Lady and the White Lady come with a visit quite often.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Travel Tips - Packing Your Bags!

By Darlene Berkel

A vacation is supposed to be a way to have fun - not an army training experience where you lug a heavy pack for miles and end up sore and tired. It can be difficult to decide what, and how, to pack. Hopefully this guide will help you decide what is important, and what to leave at home. Planning in advance can help you remember the useful things, and stop the panic that happens when you forget the essentials.

One of the most basic travel packing tips is to make a list - it may seem silly or pointless, but seriously, it's so much easier to just tick off items as you put them in the suitcase. Trying to remember everything will just lead to you either forgetting something, or packing something twice.

Selecting Luggage

Picking the right suitcase, or suitcases, will make your journey much easier too. If you want to use a carry-on, check with the airline to make sure your suitcase is the right size - finding out at the last minute that you need to go all the way back to check in because your bag is too big can be quite frustrating.

When selecting a suitcase, look for one that has a sturdy, pull out handle, and wheels that are made of a durable material. Be wary of ones with small handles that are attached directly to the material of the case, as these can often tear or come loose.

If you need to pack expensive evening wear, or garments that wrinkle easily, some people find that putting them in a garment bag first, then loosely laying it in the suitcase - without making any hard folds, can help it survive the journey intact. If you have to cram your suitcase full of clothing, then you may have to make use of an iron at the hotel.

Packing Your Suitcase

Many people find that rolling clothing, instead of folding it, can prevent wrinkles, and also makes the clothes take up less space in the suitcase.

If you are going on a long holiday, then you may find that it is better to pack a wardrobe based around one or two colors, so that you can mix and match items to make your wardrobe last longer. Colours such as black, navy and khaki make a good base choice as they 'go with everything.

Make sure that you take your medication, travel documents, and other essential items in your carry-on luggage. You may need a note from your doctor if you wish to bring liquid medication on board.

If you are stuck for ideas on what to pack, there are lots of web sites that offer tips and advice - you can even download pre-done packing lists and just tweak them to your own liking.

However you do it, just remember that a little preparation before you leave will go a long way towards making your trip more enjoyable.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cancun, Mexico Vacation

By Elena Piccini

What I recommend, if you desire to discover Mexico, is just to pack the few things you need (bathing suit, mask and sun cream, if you want your family too...) and head to the airport, book your flight to Cancun and enjoy a wonderful vacation under the Caribbean sun of Mexico!

Cancun, the tip of the Riviera Maya, is a tropical heaven with endless white-talc sandy beaches and lush forest...the second longest Coral Reef (Great Mayan Reef) of the World run along the Mayan Riviera, and for the keen of diving this is the ideal place... From Cancun, to Cozumel, to Tulum you will have wonderful underwater treasures to discover...

Beyond the white beaches , the palm trees, the crystalline emerald water of the Caribbean Sea and of the innumerable smiles of the Mexican people, Cancun has some of the most elegant and luxury hotels of the World!

The city of Cancun receives every year thousands of visitors from all over the World, and for this reason, numerous high quality hotels and resorts are growing up fast. Travel can suit every budget because there is a good mix of youth hostels and inexpensive hotels to stay, as well as luxurious beachfront resorts.

In Cancun you will find an abundance of possibilities- something for every age, vacation type, budget, and activity...

Almost guaranteed sunshine beckons travelers to Cancun beaches, where water sports abound, romance flourishes and the party never ends.

With some of the best golf, snorkeling and scuba diving in the world, Cancun's worthy of its reputation as a world-class sports wonderland.

In fact, Cancun definitely lives up to its "name" as a water sports capital. Here you can scuba dive, snorkel, windsurf, parasail, kayak, water ski, jet ski, fish, swim with the dolphins or just enjoy the beach.

On vacation, one can play on magnificent golf courses and choose from huge Golf resorts, premier spots to test your skills and improve your game.

If you want to bring back to your house something more than a sombrero and a bottle of Tequila that testify your travel to Mexico, we suggest some great experience to do.
Don' t just limit yourself to see the usual faces in the sauna, swimming pool or in the beach of the hotel:

If you want to get yourself involved , from the local people, in their "fiestas mexicanas"...
...if you wish to get your mind lost in the charming beaches or wild jungle and untouched nature...
... if your desire is to discover and live the magical atmosphere of mysterious archaeological sites..........You are in the right place!

Mexico is a mosaic of cultures to discover, fascinating landscapes, and the cradle of traditions conserved through the centuries.

Cancun can be the starting point for your cultural vacation to Mexico! Archaeological sites as Chichen Itza, Cobà, Ek Balam, Uxmal, Tulum are not too far.

A day trip or a few days tour will be the best for discovering the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. Immersed in the jungle, ancient civilization left their stories in the walls of those wonders...

Also, intimate retreats for your honeymoon vacations!

Romantic Sunset Tours will help couples to create fantastic memories of your Honeymoon vacation!
In the hotels , the ocean front suites are made especially for those people looking for something very special, well, the colors and the atmosphere of the Caribbean Sea helps a lot, but the high quality services are very satisfying too..

The Riviera Maya, and especially Cancun, is a marvellous oasis where you can find peace of mind...There are a lot of Spa resorts and hotels with Spas, and they will take care of you and your soul... take a step back and indulge yourself in a truly rejuvenating break at wonderful Cancun spa resorts. Let yourself enjoy a rare chance to have someone else look after you, where indulgence is the key word, you'll emerge feeling recharged and invigorated.

Whether the sun is rising or night is falling, the opportunities for fun are endless.

Cancun is also a favorite Mexico tourist destination for spring breakers because has everything that a Spring Breaker could dream! Cancun really comes to life after the sun goes down, sporting some of the hottest discos in the world. With incredible light shows, theme parties, and music that doesn't stop until sunrise, Cancun has it all.

Immerse yourself in the exotic Mexican Caribbean while staying in exclusive resorts. Explore intriguing ancient Mayan sites, enticing white sand beaches and a variety of lively and leisurely pastimes.

Are you thinking that I'm exaggerating a beat? You're wrong... everything it's true..

I could keep going to talk and talk and talk about the thousand of things to do and experience in a Cancun vacation, but ...sorry... time is up... and your flight to Cancun is living now!! Hurry up!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Budapest Christmas - November 24th to December 29th, 2007 in Vorosmarty Square

By Zoran Ibrahimpasic

This year "Budapest Christmas" is being held for the ninth time, with events getting under way on Saturday 24th November, 2007.

The Christmas Market in Budapest is not only a tradition, but an event of high standard, which is very popular among Hungarians and by foreign visitors as well.

Budapest's official Christmas Market promises to again be an atmospheric special occasion for the people of Budapest and visitors from outside the city and from abroad in 2007, well worthy of the Christmas spirit. The market, which is the main out-of-season tourist event, is equally popular amongst Hungarian visitors and foreign tourists, who often travel to Budapest specifically to visit the Christmas raft Market. By keeping standards high and maintaining a wide and expanding variety of programs it can now be said that one of the largest events in Budapest in December has grown to become internationally well-known and respected. The location is very attractive, Vörösmarty Square lies in the heart of Budapest.

Traditional Hungarian craftsmen show their talents and sell their hand made products. Only the top Hungarian craftspeople are invited to Budapest's Christmas Market, so the intricate porcelain, cut glass and leather goods, for instance, are of the highest quality. All products are hand-made and the Hungarian Society of Folk Arts guarantees their quality.

The market also has a gastronomic side. Don't forget to taste traditional Hungarian food and cakes: strudel, grilled sasuges and meat, Christmas cookies, kürtös kalács (hollow, cylinder-shaped pastry with different coatings: sugar, walnut). If you get tired, have a cup of coffee with a delicious Hungarian cake in Gerbeaud Café.

As part of this year's series of Christmas programmes in Budapest, is it also planed to host the real Santa Claus from Finnland , who will be waiting with great interest for the children visiting the square, and personally listen to their wishes. An inseparable part of the Budapest Christmas' series of programmes is the Advent Calendar.

This spectacular fair is located in the heart of the city, in Vörösmarty Square and claims to be amongst the ten best Christmas markets in Europe. Indeed, many visitors make the trip to Budapest specifically to come to the Market.

The Budapest Christmas Fair is one of favourite events both for tourists and locals in winter. Come and visit the Budapest Christmas Fair if you want to buy something unique and original for your loved ones.