Thursday, March 06, 2008

Holidays - A Guide to Tokyo

When deciding where to go for your holiday this year why not consider Tokyo, it is Japan's largest city and one of the busiest in the world and with its stylish shops, boutiques and use of highly modern technology you will never be lost for things to do.

Shopping in Tokyo is an experience, the numerous department stalls, the malls and of course the trendy and exclusive boutiques that Harajuku is famous for, all mean that if you enjoy shopping, Tokyo is definitely the place for you. As well as the upper market shops, you can also find very reasonably priced stores, such as the 100 Yen shops which are equivalent to our £1 shops, this could allow you to have the cheap holidays that you were after because Tokyo is an expensive place to visit, however, there are ways that can help you get around it. Tokyo is also the place to go if its electrical goods that you are interested in. Akihabara in Tokyo is a haven for anything electrical, here you can find anything from computers to air conditioners and if you are one of the many that has gotten caught up in i-pod craze then the area of Ginza would be the place to go as it has an Apple shop amongst its art galleries.

Tokyo is a place with a lot of culture and it therefore has many museums. As well as museums, shrines and temples are also common in Tokyo and are well worth a visit for their spectacular beauty. The Meiji Jingu Shrine and the Sensoji Temple are a few of the magnificent religious buildings around Tokyo that are on offer for you to visit if you were to choose Tokyo for your holidays this year.

Incredible restaurants are on offer all around Tokyo and you won't have to travel far in order to find high quality cuisine and world class drinks. Of course when travelling to Tokyo, you have to try the sushi, which is very popular and therefore widely available.

To round off the day, you could taste the very entertaining night life on offer. The night club; Velfarre offers a very exciting and appealing evening, as here you will be treated to some stylish and elegant fashion shows and be entertained by live performances from Japanese singers. The blend of light and music, create the ideal ambiance for dance and party, this is perhaps why Velfarre also hosts a Cyber Trance show.

If none of the above excites you then there are plenty of other activities to keep you entertained. If you are a fan of the more relaxing holidays then why not visit the Asakusa Kannon Onsen where you can relax whilst being pampered and enjoy rejuvenating massages. During your time in Tokyo, why not try your hand at some traditional Japanese martial arts and visit the Aikido World Foundation. If you'd prefer a less exerting activity, then there are interesting tea ceremonies held at Seisei-an and Chosho-an.

By Gill Critchley

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