Friday, December 21, 2007

Mumbai - An ideal tourist destination in India

Located in Western India, Mumbai or Bombay has transformed from a swampy marsh to one of the biggest metropolitan of India after it was leased out to East India Company which invited people to settle down there and slowly and steadily it saw people from all walks of life making it their home.

Believe me you will never feel bored in this capital of Maharashtra that is always full of life and has lot to offer for everybody in all senses. In case you happen to be in Mumbai don’t miss out on a visit to Gateway of India that was built in honor of visit of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911.

From Gateway of India you can go the Elephanta Island which is a UNESCO world heritage site and get to see some of the magnificent rock cut temples and caves dating back to the sixth century. Other place of interest that you can visit in Bombay is Kanheri Caves in Borivili that is famous for its rock carvings, Portuguese Forts in Bassein and Muslim Forts in Bassein.

If in Mumbai you cannot miss the authentic Bombay food that comprises of Bhelpuri, Vada Pav, Dhabeli, Panipuri and Masala Papad. Also if you want to see the real Mumbai then you definitely need to travel on its local trains that is the lifeline of the city and its two floor double decker buses that would leave you spellbound.

Another thing that makes Mumbai famous is its film industry churning out hundreds of films every year making it famous world over. Some of its popular markets where you can go shopping is Crawford Market, AC Market and Jhaveri Bazar and find lots of items of your liking. Another popular spot in Mumbai is Marine Drive, also nicknamed as Queen’s Necklace where you can take a relaxing stroll during the evenings. If glamour is what you are looking for then you definitely need to head to Mumbai to see it!!

by Gautam Chhabra

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