Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Zealand - Its Quite Nice

By Joe Metcalfe

SUMMARY: Go on, do it! You'll thank me afterwards. I've travelled to many places on this fine earth but I'm yet to visit a place as invigorating and revitalising as New Zealand. Some might say I'm a little biased because this just happens to be my country of birth, and to them I say Phewy! New Zealand is best and I'm going to convince everyone I can that I am right in saying this.

Greatest Place on Earth

New Zealand is beautiful, it's people are also beautiful, and there simply is no better place to be if your living there or on holiday.

New Zealand's landscape is only unique in it's variety not in its individual features. You can see beaches and mountains all over the place, and to say that ancient rain-forests and stunning glaciers are a rariety, would be a complete lie. But in New Zealand you can see all of these things and many more within the space of a day (although you'll probably need a whole month to appreciate them fully). If you're living here or working here this means you can go where you want and do what you'd like to do at the drop of a hat and generally without the crowds of people you might expect to find at attractions in other countries.

The people in New Zealand are honest, helpful, welcoming of strangers, and incredibly out going. People who travel in New Zealand always find they have somewhere to visit or place to stay because the locals will have shown them the best the area has to offer and probably even given them a spare bed for the night (failing that a sofa).

For those who are lucky enough to have the privilege of working in New Zealand you're probably already familiar with the kiwi custom of inviting the new guy/gal to at least two barbecues in their first week on the job. This number of course only grows with the number of people you meet in your workplace and it might be advisable to find some good excuses to avoid the excessive barbecues else the waistline may expand beyond all reasonable proportions. Most workers will have caught their first snapper on the boat of a workmate within their first month on the job. If not, then it was probably a kingi, or yellow-finned tuna.

Hopefully I've now done enough to get you interested in New Zealand and you can go dig for some more information about this top notch country. And if you're not already convinced that New Zealand is the greatest country in the world then you soon will be.

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