Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beach Vacation in Northern California

By Groshan Fabiola

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy the beach with your family, you should consider Northern California because it is the perfect beach vacation destination. It offers beautiful views, good fishing, and good weather. If you are looking for the perfect beach for your family there are a few things to consider. While the beach you are looking for does not have to be private, a beach that is not too crowded is certainly better as kids are not really blessed with lots of patience and a high tolerance for discomfort. Make sure also that the beach you are intending to visit is one appropriate for kids.

When you have discovered the right beach, the next thing to search for is the right accommodation. Do you wish to stay on a hotel or a resort? Perhaps you would wish to rent a cottage instead of a room. Think about how much budget you have for your accommodation as well.

After you have determined where to live, the last thing to do is scout the area and try finding out what types of activities and events can you expect to engage in and which will provide lots of fun not only for you and your partner but your kids as well.

In addition, make sure that you bring clothes that are appropriate for the weather in your destination. Pack as lightly as you can but do not skimp on necessities. Bring floating devices with you to reduce the chances of harm befalling on any of your kids. Skincare products are also important especially if you intend to hit the beach in the heat of summer. Make sure that you bring shades and lots of sun block.

Make sure you do not make any concrete plans until you have successfully obtained a vacation leave or anything similar to it from your boss. Ask favors from neighbors or friends to keep an eye on your mail and your house. This will take your mind off troubles at home and allow you to have more fun with your family.

Also, do not allow your kids to hit the road with an empty stomach as this will only make them more irritable than usual. Make pit stops frequently to allow your kids to stretch their legs and visit the rest room regularly. Entertain your kids with toys, activities, games, and stories during the ride to keep them from noticing the amount of time they’re spending cooped inside a vehicle.

When you get there, have your kids freshen up and rest a bit before hitting the beach. Make sure that your kids are all properly attired and their skins properly protected from harmful UV rays. Warn them continuously about the dangers of swimming too far and without adult supervision. Nevertheless, don’t allow your kids to leave unaccompanied and especially if the weather channel hints about an unfavorable climate.

You can also allow them to have snacks while swimming as this will make their vacations twice as better. To make things more interesting and pleasant for your kids, you can give them basic surfing and diving lessons and accompany them when trying out different water sports and activities.


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I love the beach:-)
one of my favorite places in the world
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well a vacation on beach is always refreshing & there can be nothing good & refreshing to have a vacation on beach. I am planning for a vacation in Italy. I know there are some good beach & chicks out there, & this year the vacation rental italy is very low, so I am going to benefit of this opportunity