Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Key West - the island in the ocean

The Spaniards, who saw these places, shouted: "Oh, Florida!" Legend has it that that is what the state takes its name. Once in Florida, very often I exclaim after pioneers : Oh, what beaches! Oh, the parks! Oh the museums! Here, as many sites that cover everything in a single article is impossible. Therefore, we will talk only about Key West, one of the islands of the archipelago Florida Keys, the southern state of Florida.

Islands Florida Keys linked to the peninsula of Florida highway unique Overseas Highway. Its length is 113 miles (about 180 kilometers), and is one of the longest highway in the world, connecting the island with a large land.

It built on the spot an old railway, which was built in 1912, millionaire Henry Morrison Flaglerom. Its length is 160 kilometers, a figure unprecedented in those times, especially if one considers that most of the roads had been built over the water. Iron road built seven years; It claimed the lives of 700 people and costing 50 million dollars. But it has only 23 years, the terrible hurricane of Labor Day in 1935 virtually destroyed its ...

Then instead of the railroad car paved road with 42 bridges, one of which is local dostoprimechatelnost correction. Its length - 7 miles (about 11 kilometres), it is called "Seven Mile Bridge", and his picture can be seen in virtually any tourist guide.

The road lies on the island Key West. This is the ultimate, the most southern point of the United States, zero mile Overseas Highway. There was even a special krasno-cherno-jelty buoy, which is written : "The southernmost point of the mainland United States. 90 miles to Cuba."

The island Key West is very small - just 3.2 by 6.4 kilometres, but the island rich history here lived and created many famous people of America, came here to relax Presidents Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy (by the way, the presidential residence here called "Little White House"), on the island even has its own airport. Another said that there is always a good weather, the most beautiful eyes, and that the site is the dream of every tourist ... But everything in order.

City artists, writers and ... cats

Key West is often referred to as paradise on earth, and, of course, the place could not attract many famous Americans. Here at different times lived and worked John Odabon James, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Frost, John Dos Passos, Tennessee Williams and many others, known and not, writers, poets and artists. There is an enormous amount of art galleries and small exhibition halls, where you can buy not only these works of art, and cheap paintings by local artists.

The city is divided into two parts, Old Town and New Town. Of course, for tourists greatest interest is the Old Town. And it is easy to get around on foot in just a few hours. Generally, I would advice is always walking, as in the search space for the machine, you may lose more than one hour. In an extreme case, you can always find a taxi-cost, it would not be very expensive, and where else in the world you will be able to ride in a taxi pink?!

There are many museums, and literary, and memorials, and historic ... Eyes just jawbone. And we must not forget the beaches, fishing. Time here as a slowing down, and will not want to rush. It should be noted that local residents will not hurry, and do not be surprised if in a restaurant you will long serve, it is simply not a rush.

So, if you are limited in time and do not want to run from one museum to another, I would advise myself just a few.

Of course, one can not visit the famous Aquarium. It was built in 1934 and has been called the world's first aquarium in the open. Maybe of course it is not the largest in America, but attracts thousands of tourists to its unusual show feeding sharks, and huge sea turtles. Plus, you can touch the hands of underwater creatures, see barrakud, bass, sea bass, yes all, and not pereczyslishy. Sharks and turtles are fed four times a day, feeding time is written in numerous references, so it is easy to podgadati to Aquarium and see and observe the akulim or tortoise lunch.

After radio can go fishing, the choice is almost unlimited, and to try to catch or raboumec barrakudu. Local fishermen argue that caught even sharks, but this is a great rarity. If you poimaete some unusual fish, the additional fee you can make it stuffed.

Further our path lies in the museum of shipwrecks. The actors, dressed in costumes nineteenth century, the play scenes visitors death shuttle Isaac Allerton, which sank off the coast of Key West in 1856.

And then you can go up to the viewing platform, which since its 20m height was fantastic view of the Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. And who knows, maybe you are lucky, and you will see on the bottom of the sea a ship sunk?

Overall it must be said that the Key West house and can have fun. Every month there are various competitions and festivals, so the chance to go to any celebration of a very high, it is a festival of Robert Frost, and the Theatre Festival, and all sorts of music festivals ... In short, it would be to celebrate and reason can always be found.

One such activity is the "Festival sunset passing on Mallory Square. Local residents say it, "accidentally" forgetting to mention that the festival daily. And we are afraid to move enough, someone behind ... And only then found that it is zakat-to every day!

Every day hundreds of people come to the river to watch the sun. Here are the various street musicians, clowns, artists, traders souvenirs, then you can try the local exotic dishes and drinks. But looking eyes, shodite in a small restaurant or cafe, or simply poguleite City.

Our short trip to Key West is coming to an end. But visit here at least once, I would like to come back again. People in Key West and look good, the ocean-warm and everything, beaches, excellent, very fine tasty and varied. And what will you to the happiness? One is tempted to say : Key West tourist-back!

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