Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why Your Next Vacation Should Be A Jamaica Vacation

One of the most popular tourist attractions almost anywhere in the world, if you ask almost any vacationer looking for rest and relaxation, would be a spot where the weather is nice and it is near the water or the ocean. It is for this reason that one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world has been Jamaica in the Caribbean islands.

Jamaica has been referred to by many travel authorities as being a tropical paradise. A Jamaica vacation at any of the major Jamaican locations includes beautiful temperate weather, white sandy beaches, beautiful mountain ranges which produce some of the most magnificent sunsets ever seen, as well as a huge variety of things to do, from shopping to casinos to world-class golfing to some of the friendliest and most active nightlife seen anywhere. What more could one ask for?

The lodging options for your Jamaica vacation run the gamut. You can go for the bed and breakfast option, where such opportunities are plentiful, and allow you to get to know the locals a bit better, as well as getting a better sense of what it is like to live in Jamaica and a flavor for the culture and customs. You can choose a mid range hotel, which is very similar to mid range hotels found throughout the US. And you can also opt for the all inclusive luxury resorts, of which Jamaica boasts several. In fact, Jamaica was the home of one of the very first all inclusive resorts, where one price includes virtually everything. At these resorts, just about everything you could want is all without the resort itself.

Many of the mid range hotels and almost all of the resort hotels are also very much geared towards families. You can get adjoining rooms, so that the parents can stay in one room and the kids are separate but still nearby in the room next door. Most of these resorts also have babysitting services and child activity services, which include beach trips, treasure hunting, and so many more things that your kids are sure to enjoy as a very memorable vacation, which allows the parents to go off and get re-acquainted with each other, knowing the kids are in good and qualified hands in their absence.

One tourist type that is usually attracted by thoughts of a Jamaica vacation would be honeymoon couples. Jamaica presents an ideal atmosphere for newlyweds. Even if you do not stay there, you should visit Treasure Beach, which is home to an ideal honeymoon resort known as Jake’s Place Hotel. If you are not relaxing at the beach, you may also want to include Strawberry Hill in your Jamaica vacation itinerary, which will treat you to Old World ambience, some of the best Jamaican native food to be found, as well as mountain hiking expeditions.

There are so many options for what to see, what to do, and where to stay on your Jamaica vacation that you would be best advised to do some planning before you start your trip. You may even find that you need to allocate more days on your vacation to be able to see and do everything you discover is possible as your plan your ideal Jamaica vacation.

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